Follow our journey on the saving of the National Park The Loon and Drunen Dunes


Welcome and thank you for visiting our blog page regarding our research on the National park of the Loonse and Drunense dunes. We are 4 students of Avans Hogeschool Breda, following the minor 'Environmental Geography'. During this minor our group is researching why the nutrient poor vegetation in the Loonse and Drunense Dunes is decreasing in quality and quantity. For this we are working with our three main clients:

The Province of North Brabant

This blog will go into detail about this research, the steps we have made and the things we have learned/discovered during our research period. 

This blog contains the following subjects:

  Who we are   Blog  

About the dunes    Gallery  

The project   Planning  

  Our clients   Contact  

If you are interested you can download and read all are reports here:



avans provincie Noord-Brabant Natuurmonumenten RIVM

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