INDICATOR DEFINITION   BASELINE What is the current value? TARGET What is the target value? DATA SOURCE How will it be measured? FREQUENCY How often will it be measured? RESPONSIBLE Who will measure it? REPORTING Where will it be reported?
Goals A succession map. A map showing which areas have changed and in which quantity. Succession map created by AVANS students 2017/2018. Annual map GIS Annually Avans Avans
  Soil, groundwater and rainwater research and sampling. Annual soil, groundwater and rainwater sample taking and research on the areas researched in previous years. The research includes: Ph, nitrogen Kjeldahl, Ammonium and nitrate. Results found by Avans students 2017/2018, for further reference use lab and advice report 2017/2018. A graph with the different values of each year Ph, Nitrogen Kjeldahl, Ammonium and nitrate Annually Avans Avans
  Identify the ideal soil conditions of the different vegetation types found in the Dunes of Loon and Drunen National park The ideal soil conditions have to be known to know what conditions Natuurmonumenten has to reach. Ideal soil conditions are unknown Ideal soil conditions are known Literature research Once Research institute Research institute
  Research the effectiveness of the different management types Research the effectiveness of different management types by researching two areas. One area without any management and on area where management is implemented. Do this for every management type. Unknown effectiveness of the different management strategies. The effectiveness of the different management strategies is known. Succession map and other GIS layers. Annually Avans Avans
  Improve awareness of the visitors of the Dunes of Loon and Drunen National park. Improve awareness of the current hazards the national park faces and inform them about what has already been done to avoid these hazards and what they can do their selves. 0% awareness 100% awareness Survey of visitors Annually Volunteers/Natuurmonumenten Natuurmonumenten
  Increase in heather area The area analysed in the GIS classification maps shown in this report show a decrease in heather area. The heather area has decreased with around 5% throughout the last 6 years, this is something that has to be prevented and inverted by additional management types. Classification map 2017/2018 5% increase GIS Annually Avans, Natuurmonumenten Avans, Natuurmonumenten